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I Love Blood Energy
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I purchased both flavors of blood and zombie blood and absolutely loved both!

Give me more Zombie Blood
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I have bought multiple times. I really like zombie blood and zombie jerky. Each time they come quickly and undamaged plus they really work and taste awesome.

My blood lust is now under control
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thank you for helping me with my craving. I now have my blood lust under control.

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What are the ingredients in your products? 
For each of our products, the ingredients are listed on the label of the product.  You can also view the ingredients on our website. To do this, visit our online store and click on the picture of the product.  A picture of the label and/or ingredients should appear.
Are your products gluten free?  
All of our beverages are gluten free.  Most of our snack items are also gluten free.  Please visit our online store to view the ingredients of the products you are interested in purchasing.
Where can I purchase your products?  
Our products are available at numerous retail outlets, online stores, Amazon, and through our online store. Some stores may only carry some of our product line.  You may want to call or email a store to see if they carry our products you want.  A Google search is also a good way to locate a product you are interested in purchasing. Visit the About Us page to see a list of some stores that carry our products.
What is the expiration date on your products and where can I find them? 
Not all of our products have expiration dates on them. Some products, like candy, do not have an expiration date on them.  On our beverages, we are transitioning away from the expiration date and putting the date the product was made.  If you see a “best by,” or “bb,”  or “exp” on a product, you will know that is the expiration or best by date. If there is just a date on a product, you will know that is the date the product was made. For our beverages, they are good for 2 years from the date they were made.  If you have an old Harcos product and are wondering what will happen to you if you drink it, don’t worry you won’t turn into a zombie!  If the product is past the expiration date, it is still considered good (the product has preservatives in it) but, it might not be as flavorful or have the vitamin and caffeine kick.
Yikes, why are your shipping costs so high?  
For our online store, we use  ground carriers to ship out the products to you.  We also charge a handling fee. We try our best to provide you with the lowest possible shipping cost.  Historically, shipping rates continue to rise with the cost of gasoline increasing.  Since shipping costs are an important issue, we offer free shipping specials a few times a year. We also have partnered with Chemical Evolution, who has competitive shipping rates. Please visit http://www.chemicalevolution.com/index.php?cPath=48  to order Harcos products.
Do you ship products internationally?  Yes, we ship products internationally. Visit this page and follow these instructions to purchase our products internationally.
1. Simply put the items you wish to purchase in our Shopping Cart and choose the “International Checkout” option.
2. Next you will be asked to enter your payment type and billing/shipping address.
3. As soon as you enter that information, you will see real-time shipping fees displayed. If your order is larger than our normal shipping weight, you will be contacted about the shipping charges in a separate email. Your credit card will not be charged to view the shipping cost and total cost of your order; you will need to accept the order to pay for it.
4. Your items will be transferred to International Checkout for processing.
5. You may pay by International credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. International Checkout will process your order, including billing, shipping and customer service.
6. Once your order is completed, all inquiries should be directed to International Checkout at support@internationalcheckout.com.
Also visit our international partners by clicking on http://www.harcoslabs.com/international.html .
Can I purchase your products for wholesale, retail, or distribution? 
Yes, you can!  If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or distributor, please view our website www.harcossales.com for more information.  We have set up a wholesale, online store for purchases in the US and Internationally.  If you want to order larger, half pallet or more quantities, please email orders@harcoslabs.com for quantity discounts and reduced shipping costs.
Do you have distribution outside the US?  
Yes, our product is available in numerous countries.  Currently, we don’t have any exclusive distributors. If you are interested in distributing our products internationally, feel free to place an order and start selling!
I’m interested in sponsorships; does Harcos do this?  
No, we are no longer sponsoring events in the sense of providing financial or product incentives.
Do you provide free samples?
No, we don’t provide free samples.  We do offer our products at a discounted rate.  If you‘d like to sign up for our newsletter, please email us at info@harcoslabs.com and put the word “discounts” in the subject line.
Are your products made of real blood or zombie parts? 
How we get our products to be so realistic is one of our company secrets, only known by certain lab rats and Zombie Scientists.  Don’t worry,  we do not harm any animals, humans, or other types in our quest to satisfy your hunger or thirst.
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