My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow vs. Boppy Nursing Pillow, A Comparison Guide

As we all know, nursing pillows provide ease and make breastfeeding convenient, less hectic, and enjoyable both for newborns and mothers. That’s why nursing pillows are quite popular among nursing mothers.

As the market is full with a large number of options to choose from, but mothers still get confused about which one to choose? What type of nursing pillow will be really able to satisfy all their nursing requirements and needs at affordable rates.

Which brand should they go to? On what type of fabric should they rely upon? Same as mentioned above, many other questions come to mind at the time of purchasing anything for their newborns.

To make it feasible, simple, and reasonable, we have got you all covered. We are with you in this hard decision-making time. To meet all your nursing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding issues, pregnancy, and delivery discomfort, we are here to help you out.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow vs. Boppy Nursing Pillow

We have picked two top nursing products for you and your baby’s comfort available in today’s market. Our chosen products for your baby’s peace and comfort, named Boppy nursing pillow and My Best Friend nursing pillow, will make your nursing experience easier, more enjoyable, and more comfortable.

Both companies feel proud in making products that are extremely popular with users and provide excellent support for mothers, whether they are nursing, breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding their newborns.

But deciding between Boppy nursing pillow and My Best Friend nursing pillow is challenging, time-consuming, energy-consuming, and a little bit hard, especially since so many women have strong feelings and opinions about their favorite nursing items in the market with some outstanding features.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

We will make it simple for you by comparing the Boppy Nursing Pillow with the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow, encouraging the features of both products, benefits, and drawbacks of each product so you can know which pillow is best for you and your baby in terms of meeting your nursing and breastfeeding demands.

The boppy nursing pillow seems like travel neck pillows, a C-shaped doughnut with a bite taken out of it. The Boppy nursing pillow can be used in a variety of ways, but its primary function is to support your baby when you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, or maybe nursing. even you can use it in your pregnancy and as well as delivery days when you need comfort, back support the most 

For most parents, the Boppy is a comfortable way to get the baby to the appropriate height for nursing. It’s simple to put on and take off one-handed. The cushion may also be readily adjusted to provide greater support on one side or the other. 

The pillow covers, as well as the entire pillow, are machine washable. So for the inevitable large spit-up or enormous blowout, all baby products should be able to go through the washer and dryer.

A Boppy cushion can be used to assist prop your baby up during their dreadful tummy time. Many kids despite tummy time, but experts say it’s healthy for babies and their growth, and you can make tummy time a little bit easier, healthy with the Boppy nursing pillow.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend is an amazing nursing pillow that is similar to a Boppy nursing pillow in many ways. They both assist by providing comfort and relaxation and making you ease with the often difficult task of feeding your child. The top side of the My Brest Friend cushion, unlike the Boppy, is flat, so your baby will stay put as you start to feed or nurse them. 

The My Brest Friend is a foam pillow that wraps entirely around the waist, forming a feeding shelf for the baby. The pillow cover features a clip that adjusts to keep the pillow in place. Pillow coverings come in a variety of colorful patterns as well.

My Brest Friend also has two additional characteristics that nursing mothers, including new mothers, experienced mothers, and working mothers and mothers who have passed through the C section, appreciate and enjoy the most that the pillow has the snap to keep it in place. The cushion goes all the way around the mother, providing much-needed back support.

My best friend nursing pillow and boppy nursing pillow both have their own selling worths, values, amazing features, and reliable design, and some mothers find that they need both pillows to get what they desire for their newborns in taking care of them.

Let me add to your knowledge that the primary aim of My Brest Friend nursing pillow is to serve mothers as a nursing pillow. In contrast, the Boppy nursing pillow is a multi-stage nursing pillow that can also be used for large breastfeeding, nursing, cooler bag, and bottle feeding.

In addition, many other objectives such as pregnancy, delivery days, and for mothers having a football hold and passed through C section. it works amazingly in all situations without disturbing the baby growth chain and mothers desired and needed comfort. 

Keeping your baby all the time during breastfeeding, nursing, or bottle-feeding can put a strain on your back, shoulders, arms, and neck, especially in the first few months when your baby’s head and neck aren’t strong enough to support themselves.

Both the My Brest Friend nursing pillow and the Boppy nursing pillow can assist you, help you out and make you feel, to some extent, comfortable. 

You will realize after using them that both products are far superior and much better, much more comfortable, much lightweight compared to your couch pillows or a rolled-up blanket, and other items mothers use for nursing and taking care of their babies in their homes. Whether you are nursing, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or something else, both pillows can help you establish a comfortable, supportive position.

The dimensions and weight of the Boppy nursing pillow and My Brest Friend nursing pillow can be compared. The pillow named My Brest Friend is slightly bigger than the Boppy nursing pillow, but only by a few centimeters. While neither of these support pillows will fit in your bag, you can carry them the whole day with you at the time of traveling or at your workplace.


They are both suitable to transport by car, in a compact duffel or suitcase for travel anywhere in the world, or even in your stroller’s storage basket. In addition, both nursing pillows come with a pillow insert and a washable slipcover that can be removed easily.

So if you feel your nursing pillow is getting messy and shabby, you can easily wash the cover to protect your baby from dirt and harmful diseases. I think this is the prettiest thing about these nursing pillows, which mothers love and appreciate the most. 

For both the Boppy and My Brest Friend, there are a variety of slipcover prints and patterns to pick from. Mothers can choose the one that complements or fits their style taste.

The prices of the My Brest Friend and the Boppy are comparable. One cushion insert and one detachable slipcover are included with each product. If you want to buy extra slipcovers for both nursing pillows, you can do so separately.

The two greatest distinctions between these widespread breastfeeding support pillows are the shape and level of support in the Boppy nursing pillow vs. My Brest Friend nursing pillow.  

As you begin to nurse your newborn, the Boppy is a rounded-edged C-shaped pillow that supports the front and sides of your body. It’s not considered a soft pillow, but it’s also not too solid.

The three sixty-degree wrap-around design of the My Brest Friend nursing pillow, on the other hand, gives front, side, and back support. In addition, it’s stronger than the Boppy nursing pillow and features a flat design that prevents the baby’s head from rolling forward or back when feeding.

As already indicated, the My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow wraps completely around your body, whereas the Boppy’s C-shape only wraps around your front and sides. To ensure a comfortable fit, use the adjustable back strap to tighten or loosen the My Brest Friend nursing pillow as needed.

This can take some time, especially when you first start using it. The Boppy, on the other hand, does not require a strap to be worn. And that’s one of the best features of this nursing cushion.

My Brest Friend nursing pillow, although it can be used for bottle feeding, breastfeeding, nursing newborns and pregnancy, and delivery discomfort while it was created with nursing moms’ concerns keeping in mind, and this is where it shines and becomes the most attractive and reliable nursing item for nursing mothers in the world.

All breastfeeding positions, such as cradle, football hold, and so on, are supported with this nursing pillow.On the other hand, the Boppy nursing pillow has a wider range of applications. It is suitable for all breastfeeding positions and, if necessary, can also be used to assist with bottle feeding.

However, when your baby grows older, it’s also useful for propping, tummy time, and sitting support. However, you should never leave your baby unattended while using the Boppy nursing pillow, and it should never be used for sleeping.

While both pillows are comfortable and easy to care for, there are a few distinctions to be aware of. A polyester and cotton combination is used to make the Boppy’s slipcover, pillow cover, and pillow filling.

The entire set, including the pillow, is machine washable. Throughout, My Brest Friend is made entirely of cotton. The cushion may only be spot cleaned with a damp towel because the covering is machine washable. In addition, if your baby’s skin is overly sensitive, the cotton ensures that it will not irritate it. 

A built-in pocket in My Brest Friend allows you to store feeding materials such as breast milk, snacks, a water bottle for you and your baby, and other accessories, including cell phone, etc.

But, at the same time, there are no pockets or storage possibilities on the Boppy nursing pillow. And this can make it a little bit difficult for mothers who want to carry the pillow with them when traveling or at work.

Well, we have discussed both product’s features and drawbacks in detail so that you may be able to know and learn which one is best and will meet all your nursing needs and demands.

Both products, as mentioned above, my best friend nursing pillow and boppy nursing pillow, provide back and neck support while at the same time revealing arms and shoulders pains and nursing, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding experience easier and more comfortable for all new mothers, working mothers and for plus size moms.    

We hope selecting any one of the above-mentioned nursing pillows would not make any mother feel regretful and disappointed. Well, if you are unsure and a little bit confused about which one should be chosen for your newborn, we are again here to provide you with some points called quick shopping tips.

But, of course, you have to keep in mind at the time of purchasing any above discussed or some other baby caring product available in the market.  

First of all, you should consider the fact for which purpose the product has been designed before buying it. To consider the product’s designed purpose is the most important factor. This will make the whole Delima easy and understandable. Your secondary concern should be the feature and used material. Product features and fabric will solve your fifty percent issues.  

The least but not the last thing is weight; as we all know working mothers prefer the baby products which they can carry feasibly with them on their work or on the go. Easy to carry features allow them to continue their work while at the same time performing their nursing job in a most satisfying way.

Hopefully, these shopping tips will also help you a lot in making the decision about a boppy nursing pillow and my best friend’s nursing pillow for your newborn growth and nourishment journey.   

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