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I Love Blood Energy
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I purchased both flavors of blood and zombie blood and absolutely loved both!

Give me more Zombie Blood
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I have bought multiple times. I really like zombie blood and zombie jerky. Each time they come quickly and undamaged plus they really work and taste awesome.

My blood lust is now under control
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thank you for helping me with my craving. I now have my blood lust under control.

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Halloween Party Pack

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Halloween Party Pack

Halloween Party Pack

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If you're planning on hosting a spooktacular Halloween party this year then you need our Halloween Party Pack. enjoy 12 Blood Energy Drinks, 12 Zombie Blood Energy Drinks, 6 Zombie Jerky & 6 Dried Zombie Skin.

Every Vampire, Zombie, or ghoul will love getting a little extra energy from our blood energy drinks.  We all know when the jam, thriller by Michael Jackson comes on and everyone will start dancing the night away.


12 Blood Energy Drinks  The world's first synthetic blood. This fantastic fruit punch-flavored beverage packs 4 hours of energy

12 Zombie Blood Energy Drinks : The world's first synthetic zombie blood has a tangy lime flavor and packs up to 4 hours of undead energy.  

6 Zombie Jerky : (green beef jerky made from 100% real zombies (or cows as some people call them) and boasts a delicious "teriyucky" (teriyaki) flavor.
6 Dried Zombie Skin: This dried Zombie skin is vegan, all natural, and gluten free *Warning: This product is not actually skin, it is dried seaweed. Dried Zombie Skin


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