Best Breast Milk Cooler Bag (Travel, Ice Pack, Medela, Work) 2022

Being a working mother, are you tired of breastfeeding your newborn all the time? Is breastfeeding becoming energy and time-consuming for you? Are you seeking a practical way to make your mother unemployed, tired, and less irritable? If you responded yes, you have caught your hands at the most relevant page on the internet.

The solution is very simple, easy to use, and affordable for all classes of working mothers. But, first, you must utilize a breastmilk cooler bag to make breastfeeding easier for you. A breastmilk cooler bag allows you to store enough breastmilk for your baby, and you can easily use it when you are at work or on the go. The cooler bag will also make you sure that breastmilk for your baby is germs protected and warm and cold according to the needs of time and temperature. 

You can store breastmilk in a cooler bag for up to 24 hours, which will obviously make your mother’s job easier. Now the dilemma is what type of cooler you should use? What should a breastmilk cooler offer in terms of vital features? Want to select one that’s dependable, comfortable to carry, and large enough to accommodate all of your milk, as well as your pumping bra and other pumping accessories like a pumping bra for large breasts.

On which brand should working women rely on? What about quality and affordability at the same time? We have put up a handbook to assist you on this difficult journey. 

Our guide is laced with all essential features you must consider when purchasing for your newborn. After going through the handbook, you will be able to make an advised conclusion. So to learn which one is right for you and your baby, keep going through the buying guide. Without smashing time and liveliness, let’s get begun. 

List of experts recommended Best Breast Milk Cooler Bag

  1. Medela Breast Milk Cooler and Transport Set
  2. Momcozy Insulated Multi-Function Breastmilk Cooler Bag
  3. CleverMade Breastmilk Cooler Bottle Tote for Breast Milk
  4. PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler for Breastmilk and Formula
  5. Teamoy Breastmilk Cooler / Bottles Bag
  6. Itzy Ritzy Insulated Bottle Bag
  7. Columbia Badger Ridge Insulated Baby Food and Bottle Tote
  8. CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag with Shoulder Strap

1- Medela Breast Milk Cooler and Transport Set, 5-ounce Bottles with Lids

Medela Breast Milk Cooler and Transport Set, 5-ounce Bottles with Lids

Medela takes pride in producing high-quality pumps and pumping accessories at affordable prices for working women in a competitive industry.

This breast milk refrigerator, which comes included with Medela double electric breast pumps, has quickly become the mother’s preferred option for their newborns. In expansion, it’s consistent with Medela’s 5-ounce breast milk bottles to sustain breast milk cold on the shifting.

The bag’s four 5 oz/150 mL breast milk bottles are included and keep the milk cool with a contoured ice pack that fits into the bag and embraces the bottles for maximum cool exposure.

It’s laced with a white interior that is easy to clean and makes any dirt that has come into contact with the bag easy to notice. Its white interior is uncomplicated to cleanse and makes it effortless to stain any dirt that may have come into touch with the bag.

Laced with only 1.1 pounds, the bag is BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and latex-free. In addition, this cooler bag for breastfeeding comes with an ice pack, bottles, and lids if you’re seeking stress-free pumping travel gear.

It accommodates inside the Medela Freestyle and Pump In Style Breast Pump Bags and agrees with the Swing and Harmony breast pumps bottles, which makes Medela the reliable solution for all your pumping needs. 

You won’t find a more practical bag for Medela bottles than this simple zip-up bag that looks like an insulated lunch box. It accommodates four 5-ounce Medela bottles and fits nicely inside most Medela pump bags; the contoured freezer pack snuggles close to bottles and keeps them perfectly, safely cold. So, we can conclude that this is a terrific breast milk cooler bag that is both functional and fashionable.

2- Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag, Multi-Function Breastmilk Cooler Bag & Lunch Bag

Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag, Multi-Function Breastmilk Cooler Bag & Lunch Bag

Being a young working mother, are you tired of breastfeeding your kid all the time? Do you want to make your nursing time easier? Do you want some time for yourself? If yes, then this time, try out mom cozy’s insulated baby bottle bag to get the most suitable solution for all your problems.  

Momcozy is a rapidly inflating brand that concentrates on baby feeding and breastfeeding accessories. To provide comfort to moms and their newborns and meet nursing needs and requirements, momcozy innovates and supplies high-quality mom and baby items in the global market.

The milk storage bag fits most brand milk bottles, including Comotomo, Philips Avent, Evenflo, Dr. Brown, Tommee, Lansinoh, Nuk, and others, and can keep up to 6 baby bottles warm and cold for your newborn.

You will be glad to learn that this bag allows you to fit up to six bottles in one bag, as well as your lunch or snacks with you. In addition, the two portions are divided by a removable panel, authorizing you to use the cooler as a gigantic bag. This makes it suitable for weekend use, picnics, outdoor events, beaches, and any other occasion where a mid-sized cooler is required. 

All whistles and bells are added to this adjustable cooler bag. You may simply adapt this bag to be exactly what you need with you, whether traveling to and from work with breast milk or using it as a lunch bag. The insulated compartment lifts out, allowing you to utilize the bag as a cooler or extra storage space.

This non-toxic bag can hold up to six baby bottles and is easily placed on a stroller thanks to the removable strap. You can remove the detachable layer if your bottle is taller than 6 inches.In my opinion, all the above-mentioned features are enough to make this product the most favorite one for nursing mothers.  

3- CleverMade Breastmilk Cooler Bag – Insulated Baby Bottle Tote for Breast Milk

CleverMade Breastmilk Cooler Bag - Insulated Baby Bottle Tote for Breast Milk

CleverMade’s insulated, wipeable Lily Bottle Cooler is the ideal gift for any new mom who has gone through the C section or is unable to manage her mother’s job during her working hours and especially when she is on her way to go. This cooler will help keep the necessary stuff fresh, whether you are taking milk to go or bring some extra snacks and lunch for the day.  

This cooler tote bag’s vegan leather material gives it a designer vibe, making it decent for carrying all of your newborn baby’s milk bottles. When you’re out and about with your baby, match your diaper backpack and stroller for a consistent effect. 

The food-safe insulation liner inside the soft-sided cooler bags keeps milk bottles cool or warm; you can add some ice packs if you need to keep the contents refrigerated for longer. 

You would not even feel the necessity to utilize a second bag with you. Instead, easily use the top handle to tote everyday items within the lightweight cooler bag. 

The bottle cooler measures 7.25 inches tall, 9.35 inches wide, and 5 inches deep from front to back; easy to clean, the interior wipes clean, and the exterior may be cleaned down with a damp cloth.

We can say that This one-of-a-kind breastfeeding cooler is great for women on the go who need to keep bottles of breastmilk or formula refrigerated for several hours. The high duty cooler bags’ zip-top closure keeps cool, dry air inside, keeping everything at the right temperature. Toss it in your diaper bag for any outing, or tote it separately with the handy top handle. The Lily Bottle Cooler is your go-to for a day at the park or a day of errands. 


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4- PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler for Breastmilk and Formula

PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler for Breastmilk and Formula

PackIt’s Freezable Breastmilk and Formula Cooler is the world’s first totally freezable cooler bag, which eliminates the need for additional ice packs. Caregivers on the road will appreciate PackIt’s Freezable Breastmilk and Formula Cooler due to its amazing features.  

The bag is crafted of easy-to-clean PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, and lead-free materials.

A center partition divides the main chamber into two halves. The bag’s inside is also imbued with freezing gel, which functions as an ice pack. It holds up to four 5oz bottles and has a brightly colored pattern.

For hours, it chills the milk bottles of breastmilk while the cooling effect varies depending on the type and size of the go bottle. PackIt’s proprietary cooling technique is the key to simple cooling. In addition, you will never require to purchase separate freezable ice packs or gel packs again since the freezable gel is perpetually integrated into the walls of the breastmilk and formula cooler bag. 

The front of the cooler has a little clear pocket where you can put a name tag, and there are six different styles to select from. Users believe there’s enough for four 5 ounce bottles, plus one or two small feeding accessories, in the advertised capacity.

The freezing gel is embedded in the bag’s walls, so all you have to do now is freeze it overnight, and you are good to go.

The most interesting thing is that you can fold up the bag a little when not in use, making it simple to store. Moms find only one bad thing about this bag is that the outside of the bag may be cold to the touch since the entire bag is frozen. But overall, we state that this packet-freezable baby bottle cooler is ideal if you prefer a bag that doesn’t require a separate ice pack.  

5- Teamoy Breastmilk Cooler Bag, Baby Bottles Bag for up to 4 Large 9 Ounce Bottles 

Teamoy Breastmilk Cooler Bag, Baby Bottles Bag for up to 4 Large 9 Ounce Bottles 

Are you searching for a breastmilk cooler bag with extra storage room to keep snacks or nappies? Then, this Teamoy model might be the one for you because Teamoy has become a popular breastfeeding brand during the last seven years. 

To satisfy the needs of working mothers who have been passed through the C section and want to feed their newborns on their own, the company has specialized in manufacturing convenient yet useful breast pump bags and baby bottle bags. The products are based on excellent R&D and production capabilities and affordable but high-quality storage products. 

This cooler bag contains a main insulated container that fits up to 6 baby bottles around a contoured ice pack, a top pocket for snacks or wipes, a front zipped pocket for smaller items like your phone, and a back slip pocket. 

The material used to make this breastfeeding travel cooler bag is water-resistant nylon. Breast milk is kept cold or heated for lengthy periods of time thanks to the wipeable, leakproof, and hot-pressing lining.

The bag also has side net pockets, making it the perfect cooler for traveling with breastmilk if you need a larger bag that can hold other essentials as well. 

The light-colored interior is not only lovely to look at, but it also makes it easy to identify any dirt that may have come into contact with the bag. In addition, the bag is laced with a convenient carry handle and a longer shoulder strap with padding.

The best point of this breastmilk cooler bag is you can easily clean it. The easy-to-clean bag feature will allow you to keep your baby protected from harmful bacteria and unhealthy messes. This will not only be responsible for your baby’s comfort but also for being healthy.

6- Itzy Ritzy Insulated Bottle Bag – Keeps Bottles Warm or Cool   

Itzy Ritzy Insulated Bottle Bag – Keeps Bottles Warm or Cool   

Do you want a bag to protect milk for your baby when you are at work or on the go to make your mother’s job easier? If yes, then have a look at the below-mentioned item for your newborn. 

Itzy Ritzy takes pride in providing fashionable, reasonable, and reliable answers to common parenting problems. Diapers, breastfeeding scarves, bags, shopping cart coverings, and many more collections to make your life easy.

They have redefined practical luxury for modern families all around the world, from multi-purpose designs that empower to stylish prints that inspire, all while staying true to our fundamental mission of keeping things simple.

This breastmilk container Bag from Itzy Ritzy elevates a classic requirement for parents on the road with an ultra-versatile appearance. This bag effortlessly accommodates up to three tall bottles and keeps them warm or cool thanks to its roomy and insulated interior. It also has an internal compartment that may be used to store an ice pack. 

The mothers can easily store three tall bottles of milk for their loved newborn while the product keeps them warm and cold according to the need of the temperature. The cooler bag is literally easy to clean. You can clean it with warm or cold water to make sure your baby is germs and mess protected. 

Now, what will make you glad is it can be easily carried when you are traveling anywhere in the world or are on your work. All the above-mentioned features such as easy to clean, feasible to carry on the go, spacious for keeping three tall bottles of the milk for your baby, keeping milk cold or warm according to the need of the time, comfortable design with an affordable price makes the product preferred baby product for all working mothers who are managing their parenting duties and work at the same time. 

7- Columbia Badger Ridge Insulated Baby Food and Bottle Tote 

Columbia Badger Ridge Insulated Baby Food and Bottle Tote 

Are you looking for a bag where you can protect milk from feeding your baby on the way to go? If yes, then try out the Columbia badger ridge insulated tote bag.

Let me tell you about the product that This breastfeeding cooler bag has you covered if you are the mother of a little kid and travel remains in your life routine.  

The bag is really big enough to accommodate many bottles of milk and the other stuff you may need for your newborn. Yet it’s also small enough to fit in a small space, but at the same time, it will help you a lot. 

The padded shoulder strap can also be used to secure your stroller while you travel through the terminal.The Columbia Badger Ridge Insulated Baby Food and Bottle Tote saves the breast milk cold with high-density thermal insulation and a Therma-Flect radiation barrier. In the event of a collapse, the bag’s leisurely clean lining will allow you to wash and wipe it down fast.

You can carry all of your baby supplies in this backpack because it has many accessory pockets. The Columbia Badger Ridge Insulated Baby Food and Bottle Tote also has a padded handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry.

Keep everything your baby needs safe and secure in this Columbia tote. Because the bag’s interior isn’t waterproof, any leaks in the middle of a flight may be disastrous. However, this demerit of the product is not enough to make it a worthless product.

Overall, the above-mentioned product would not disappoint the new mothers who have recently passed through their C section in taking care and feeding their newborns. 

8- CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag with Shoulder Strap

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag with Shoulder Strap

Are you sick of breastfeeding your baby all the time? Do you want relaxation or some time for your own comfort and peace? Is breastfeeding becoming time-consuming or energy-consuming for you? If you pass through all these dilemmas, we have some solid solutions for you.

First, you must try a breast milk protection bag with you for your baby care, and this will not only make sure your baby’s health but also will provide you comfort and make your mother’s job less hectic. 

The CleverMade 30 can snap basket foldable soft-sided cooler is a smart, compact, and space-saving Insulated tote that you will use for camping, picnics, pool parties, concerts, and summer beach parties. 

It can accommodate up to 30 cans of your favorite beverages, as well as ice. This portable cooler folds to about 3 inches when not in use, making it ideal for storing in your trunk, kitchen, or vacation suitcase. Thanks to its leakproof insulated interior, it’s great for keeping beverages and food cold on the road.  

You can use the optional cushioned shoulder strap or the comfortable side-grip grips to carry the cooler for heavy loads. A bottle opener is also integrated on the handle for convenient access. 

This pop-up cooler is foldable. The soft and sleek design allows mothers to clean the above-mentioned product feasibly, and this easy to keep clean feature ensures them that their loved one is protected from harmful germs and unhealthy messes.

All these features we have discussed above make the cooler an amazing baby care-taking item less time taking. Well, mothers can rely on this cooler to feed their babies with their healthy breast milk. 

Best Breast Milk Cooler Bag Buying Guide


size is an essential element to think about when buying a breastmilk cooler bag for your newborn. Consider how much milk you’ll need to transport and how that amount may fluctuate over time. In case you are returning to work and plan to pump, the cooler that contains four small baby bottles may be fine for the time being, but you’ll probably need something larger in six months.

Easy to clean 

 Easy to clean feature is also important for buying the product for your baby. However, it would help to consider how easy it will be to clean a specific cooler and how often you need to do so. When you go home from work, for example, the cooler you have to wash fully with hot soapy water every night is less convenient than the one you simply wipe clean. 


In our opinion budget is the most crucial element which should not be neglected in any purchase. Being a working mother or belonging to the lower class, you must have a look at your purse before choosing any product for your baby. Considering your budget will help you a lot in selecting a reasonable one for you.  

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